Once Upon a Time
They walked in fear,
Trembled as our wings darkened the sun.
Now, tis said we do not exist, legends only.
But legends sleep,
Nestled upon our ransom of gold and gems.
Waiting, sleeping, dreaming.

Our souls walk in those who feared.
They dream of flight among the clouds
And wings darkening the sun.

Welcome to Dragon Souls, home of roleplayers and their Gamemasters. There are two groups these pages cover. One group, the Saturday Night Bunch, has played tabletop games every Saturday night for more than 20 years. Several of us rotate gamemaster duties every six to eight months. Sometimes we've played D&D in its various incarnations; other times, Star Wars, Shadowrun, D20 Modern, Elric and a couple of others have the poison of choice.

The second group belongs to Soris, and it is exploring the experience of D&D through the online medium of Fantasy Grounds. Several of this group are old D&D gamers; some are new to adventure gaming. Most met through the multiplayer experience of Neverwinter Nights and the persistent world, Sojourney.

Regardless of the roleplay medium, however, the desire to leave the daily cares behind and be something greater is what these players seek.